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#402 March 16, 2021

Matt writes: From March 8th through the 12th, celebrated Women Writers Week 2021 by showcasing the work of our marvelous female writers, from our Assistant Editor Nell Minow and regular critics Christy Lemire, Sheila O’Malley, Tomris Laffly and Monica Castillo to our cherished contributors Farren Smith Nehme, Roxana Hadadi, Carla Renata, Olivia Collette, Jennifer Merin, Joyce Kulhawik, Marya E. Gates, Arielle Bernstein, Justine Smith, Laura Emerick, Susan Wloszczyna, Sarah Knight Adamson, Mary Beth McAndrews, Hannah Benson, Kayleigh Donaldson, Cristina Escobar and Allison Shoemaker, in addition to republished work by Angelica Jade Bastién, Whitney Spencer, Abby Olcese and Katherine Tulich.