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#476 January 23, 2024

Matt writes: The Sundance Film Festival is now in full swing through Sunday, January 28th, and you can find all of our daily dispatches penned by Brian Tallerico, Robert Daniels, Marya E. Gates, Monica Castillo, Tomris Laffly, and Niani Scott at


The Interviews of 2015

Highlights of our 2015 interviews, including Brie Larson, Bryan Cranston, Jason Segel, Lexi Alexander, Sarah Silverman, Spike Lee, Tom McCarthy, Ramin Bahrani, Paul Feig, Charlie Kaufman and much more.

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We critics can't be too careful. Employers are eager to replace us with Celeb Info-Nuggets that will pimp to the mouth-breathers, who underline the words with their index fingers whilst they watch television. Any editor who thinks drugged insta-stars and the tragic Amy Winehouse are headline news ought to be editing the graffiti on playground walls. As the senior newspaper guy still hanging onto a job, I think the task of outlining enduring ethical ground rules falls upon me.