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Donate to Transform Cincy to Honor Nancy Dawson

Our hearts go out to our editor-at-large, Matt Zoller Seitz, and his family, on the death of his wife Nancy, who spent her final years doing good works for others.—Chaz Ebert

"She died of cancer."

On April 27th, 2020, at almost 6 pm, Nancy Dawson passed away, telling her husband, Matt Zoller Seitz, that these are the words she wanted him to express to people after she was gone. Almost exactly 14 years to the minute after the death of her sister, Jennifer Dawson, Nancy joined her. In a time when most people would retreat, Nancy used her final years to create a charity called Transform Cincy, a company that helps trans kids with clothes to ease their transition. She was even featured on The Today Show. We ask that you take this time to donate to Nancy's cause. She deserves it.

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