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Dina sez: Taste and rate. Four stars! (photo by David Belisle)

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Once again, it's that very annual Dina time of year, when it wouldn't be Oscar Time without Dina Martina and it wouldn't be Taco Time, either!

ANNOUNCING: The very first second Oscar Recipe Blog-h'ors-d'oeuvre (pronounced like "blog-a-thon," only more like "blog-or-derve"), hosted by Scanners and Our Lady of Perpetual Mojo, the World's Foremost Hostess-in-Absentia, Dina Martina! This Sunday, more than a billion people around the globe will be serving one or more of Dina's Governess's Ball's Recipe's... (below). And that means you. (For more Dina Martina Oscar Entertaining Party Hints, see above.) They are easy to make, easy to serve, easy to eat, easy to enjoy, and fully digestible. (And bloggorhea is rarely a problem, except in rare cases.) After it's all over and you have your Faye Dunaway moment, please return here to give us a report of how tickled you and your guests were to consume Dina's salacious gustatory delights! Or share your own family secrets! And, recipes. Did you embellish? Did you improvise? Did you remember ice cubes and condiments? Let us know: Now thru Monday, February 26, 2007 25, 2008!

* * * Dina Martina's all-new 2007 2008 Oscar Party Blog-h'ors-d'oevres * * * * * Serving Suggestions & Requirements * *

by Dina Martina

Dina's Academy Award Meaty-O-Rites


3 lbs. Ground beef 1 can pitted black olives 1 can green olives 1 clove garlic 1 + tbsp. Worcestershire sauce oregano (to taste) 1 can Snack Mate cheese in a can

In large mixing bowl, combine ground beef, minced garlic clove, Worcestershire sauce and oregano (to taste). Drain olive cans, and remove pimento from green olives. Gently fill each olive, green and black, with Snack Mate cheese in a can. Form ground beef around each olive. Place each newly formed MEATY-O-RITE (as you may now call them) on a cookie sheet. Pre-heat oven to BROIL. Place cookie sheet full of eager young MEATY-O-RITES in oven to broil for 8-16 minutes, or until dark golden brown. ENJOY. (After removing from oven.) Spruce up with frill picks, if desired. (Before enjoying, yet after removing from oven.) Thank you.

Dina's Starburst Stacks


2 lg. packages Kraft singles 2 lg. Packages premium bologna 1 lg. Package chicken boullion cubes 1 box rounded toothpicks 1 ordinary soda pop bottle cap 1 skinny nail 1 hammer

Pre-heat oven to BROIL. Using soda pop bottle cap as a cookie cutter, cut out as many starburst shapes as you can from each slice of Kraft singles and each slice of premium bologna. With hammer and skinny nail, make small holes in chicken boullion cubes. Now, using toothpicks, make starburst stacks by poking them through alternating starburst shapes of premium bologna. Kraft single, premium bologna, Kraft single, premium bologna, Kraft single, etc., leaving enough room at top of toothpick for chicken boullion cube and one last starburst cut-out of Kraft single over it. Place D.M. Starburst Stacks enthusiastically on cookie sheet and broil for 2-3 minutes or until top starburst shape of Kraft single melts over boullion cube. Refrigerate for 2 hours. Serve. Celebrate.

Dina's Sweet-n-Savory Cornfetti Cups


1 package Lime Jell-O 1 package Fresh Frozen Corn 1 package LITTLE SMOKIES Cocktail Sausages


There's got to be a morning after...

In medium saucepan, prepare Lime Jell-O. Remove from heat and stir in fresh frozen corn. Let mixture cool for a few minutes and stir again. The object is to stir corn niblets periodically, just enough to get them to remain visibly suspended in Lime Jell-O, much like confetti in the festive air, freshly jettisoned from a gay party-goer's palm. When Jell-O is thick enough to achieve this effect, pour mixture into clear glass tumblers. Refrigerate overnight. Garnish with LITTLE SMOKIES Cocktail Sausages. Note the way yellow corn niblets compliment lime Jell-O. Serve.

Dina's Chunky Oscar Dip


1 lg. Container large curd cottage cheese

Serve. For those of you who are lactate intolerant, substitute non-dairy creamer and mix with water until lumpy (chunky). Enjoy.

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