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Fandor to Launch New Look, Exclusive Premieres and Viewer Experience

Cinedigm, the independent streaming entertainment company recently announced the evolution of its pioneering streaming service Fandor, and said it has been called the “Netflix for Indie Film” by The Wall Street Journal. 

Phil Hopkins, the president of Fandor tells us that the new and improved Fandor will come with a wider footprint and with hundreds of new acquisitions from an array of rights holders and film distributors. "Subscribers will have access to over 1,000 hours of independent titles, including exclusive acquisitions from international film festivals and acclaimed titles from existing partners and key providers. The updated platform features a brand-new design and an intuitive user-experience, with a continuous refresh of independent titles each month—all designed to create the ultimate celebration of Cinephile culture."

“With over a decade of experience in streaming independent cinema, we are proud to bring new life to a service so dedicated to independent filmmakers and the incredible films they create,” said Hopkins.  “We are confident audiences will enjoy the thousands of hours of exceptional films we have carefully curated, ranging from arthouse, to grindhouse, film noir, blaxploitation, comedy, drama, LGBTQ+, J-Horror and everything in between. With the relaunch of Fandor, the message to cinephiles is 'films' not 'content.’”  

Originally launched at South by Southwest® in 2011, Fandor served as a pioneer in the elevation of independent film, both through its industry-leading independent streaming platform as well as through written and video editorial pieces. "Tapping into the $4.8 billion-dollar global market for independent film, the updated Fandor platform leverages Cinedigm’s innovative Matchpoint technology. This allows the service to easily and quickly deliver film and episodic titles through the industry-leading delivery system, providing the opportunity to significantly scale its offerings on the updated service."

Launching alongside the Fandor service will be Keyframe, Fandor’s digital editorial publication dedicated to the written and video exploration of independent cinema. Composed of articles, interviews, reviews, and video essays, the return of Keyframe serves as a highly anticipated community for filmmakers, writers, and film enthusiasts. Keyframe will represent one of many key initiatives by Fandor to dramatically increase its volume of original offerings. This includes editorial deep dives and tributes, such as a recent celebration of the work of director Werner Herzog, as well as monthly hand-picked featured playlists available on the Fandor service.

New to Fandor’s offerings on Keyframe is the Fandor Festival Podcast, exploring the best of independent film festivals, hosted by former Fandor executive Chris Kelly and seasoned morning radio personality Hooman Khalili, and featuring producer Bryn Nguyen. Guests include filmmakers, film festival founders, and industry leaders with engaging insights on festival films, available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Simplecast.

“The last five years have seen accelerated access to content across the streaming spectrum. Yet even with all these choices, much of independent cinema has been left behind and Cinephiles often have difficulty finding films of interest on massive streaming platforms,” said Erick Opeka, President & Chief Strategy Officer of Cinedigm. “Fandor has been a pioneer in this space and offers a haven for Cinephiles looking for deep and meaningful titles that made them fall in love with films in the first place. Cinedigm’s commitment to independent film has never been stronger and, as the Company grows into a global brand, that dedication has caught the attention of filmmakers around the world.”

The reimagined Fandor streaming service marks the latest in a series of strategic expansions by the Company in recent months. The Company reports continued success on the Fandor Amazon Prime Channel and has sponsored or participated in recent events including South by Southwest® 2021, the North Fork TV Festival, and Festival de Cannes 2021, with plans for additional sponsorships in the coming months. The Company has also announced plans to scale the service’s availability across multiple devices, including offering a Fandor FAST channel encompassing all interests for the avid Cinephile, to be available across global OTT streaming platforms.

The Fandor streaming service will be available on iOS and Android mobile devices, web, and Roku, with ad-free access to the entire Fandor library for $4.99/month or $49.99/year. Free, ad-supported access to select titles from the Fandor library will also be available at launch and new platforms will roll out over the rest of the year.

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