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#444 October 25, 2022

Matt writes: I recently had the great privilege of interviewing filmmaker Rodrigo GarcĂ­a about his new movie, "Raymond & Ray," as well as his 2005 masterwork, "Nine Lives," which ranks among my favorite films of all time. The latter consists of nine short stories, each filmed in one continuous take and centering on a woman as she reaches a pivotal moment in her life.

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Brand new film heavies

TORONTO You hurry between theaters, barely enough time between curtains, and one gift after another comes from the screen. Your only regret is that for every good film you see, the people next to you are describing three you missed. This is the payoff after a slow summer at the movies, when it sometimes seemed directors were no longer swinging for the fences, but just happy to get on base.

Festivals & Awards

Gold on hold

CANNES, France -- The Cannes Film Festival heads into its second weekend, still without a likely Palme d'Or winner, unless we have already seen it, and it is Pedro Almodovar's "All About My Mother." We have been here a week, and that entry, first screened Saturday, is the film most people mention when you ask them what they liked the most.