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Black Writers Week


A Crime on the Bayou

Filmmaker Nancy Buirski has an elegant, judicious way of imparting the facts of the case, taking not just the political temperature of the moment (boiling) but finely sketching the character and minds of the people involved.



Luca retreads too much well-cultivated ground and reworks so many achingly familiar tropes as its best qualities sink to a murky bottom.



I can’t help but mourn the movie this could have been had the filmmakers written a movie that suited Hart instead of using him as a substitute.


Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It

Moreno, who is both brash and self-effacing, thoughtful and charismatic, has such a commanding presence on camera; every time she speaks, you unintentionally lean in a little closer, hanging on to every word she has to say.