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Opening Shots: 'His Girl Friday'

Enlarge image: Newsroom hustle... Enlarge image: ... and bustle. Notice the emphasis on women at work in the very first moments. From That Little Round-Headed Boy: "His Girl Friday": Anybody who ever worked in the journalism business, or wished they…


Opening Shots: 'Altered States'

View image View image View image "Altered States" opens with the image of a fluorescent, egglike shape surrounded by darkness. It is a window. From below, in comes a floating human figure (William Hurt as Prof. Eddie Jessup), who appears…


Opening Shots: Quiz 2: 10 Easy Pieces (+2)

Set your timers -- it'll be a blast! OK, I know the Opening Shots Pop Quiz is difficult -- mainly because, even though many of the movies are famous (or by famous directors), they're very personal favorites of mine that…


Opening Shots Project: Pop Quiz

It feels like an unbroken stream (of consciousness)... We've received some terrific contributions to the Open Shot Project. Thank you so very much. And please keep 'em coming in. (And tell your cinemaniacal friends.) I'm going to start posting them…


Movies 101: Opening Shots Project

"Barry Lyndon" opens with a bang. Any good movie -- heck, even the occasional bad one -- teaches you how to watch it. And that lesson usually starts with the very first image. I'm not talking necessarily about titles or…