The Way, Way Back

"The Way, Way Back", a coming-of-age movie set partly at a water park, is a likable entry in a familiar genre. The cast makes the material feel special even though you've seen the film's component parts before, and the parts don't always fit together naturally.


The Lone Ranger

Director Gore Verbinski's take on the Lone Ranger is a gigantic picture with an earnest, klutzy, deeply un-cool hero (Armie Hammer of "The Social Network"), based on a property that most young viewers don't know or care about. The film's poster might as well have been a target. It's lumpy bubblegum with a bitter aftertaste, as obsessive and overbearing as Steven Spielberg's "1941"—and as likely to be re-evaluated twenty years later and described as "misunderstood."


100 Bloody Acres

I didn't know what to expect from "100 Bloody Acres," the debut film by sibling writer-directors Colin and Cameron Cairnes; I certainly didn't expect the best low-budget horror comedy since "Shaun of the Dead," and one of the most assured first features in ages.