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KVIFF at Your Cinema to Screen 16 Films in Theaters Across the Czech Republic

The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the leading film festival event in Central and Eastern Europe, was cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, the festival programmers will be screening 16 of its selections over the course of nine days (July 3rd-11th) in 96 movie theaters across the Czech Republic, as part of the KVIFF at Your Cinema series. 

Having their European premieres as part of this program are Zeina Durra's "Luxor," Fernanda Valadez’ "Identifying Features" and Maite Alberdi’s "The Mole Agent." Rounding out the rest of the selections are Guillaume Brac's "À l’abordage," Shannon Murphy's "Babyteeth," Fabio and Damiano D’Innocenzo's "Bad Tales," Pablo Larraín's "Ema," Alma Har'el's "Honey Boy," Gregory Monro's "Kubrick by Kubrick," Šimon Šafránek's "Meky," Oliver Hermanus' "Moffie," Bassam Tariq's "Mogul Mowgli," Alice Winocour's "Proxima," Jeanette Nordahl's "Wildland," Massoud Bakhshi's "Yalda, a Night for Forgiveness" and Oskar Alegria's "Zumiriki."

Each of the selected works will have only one exclusive screening, which will take place at all participating theaters at the same time. The screenings are being planned in the spirit of the festival and will be accompanied by on-site introductions to the films by the KVIFF programmers. The screenings are made possible by support from the Czech Ministry of Culture, the City of Karlovy Vary, the Karlovy Vary Region and the festival's partners.

“Since, given the situation, moviegoers can’t come to Karlovy Vary this year, we decided to bring at least part of the festival to them. It’s our way of thanking the visitors, guests, and film enthusiasts who create the fantastic festival atmosphere in Vary every year. We are thrilled by our viewers’ immense interest, and it’s also huge that nearly 100 theaters have signed on for KVIFF at Your Cinema. I believe that together we will succeed in offering audiences not only great films but even a bit of the traditional festival atmosphere,” says KVIFF president Jiří Bartoška. 

For more information, including a full list of participating cinemas, visit the official site of KVIFF. You can read Matt Fagerholm's coverage of KVIFF 2018 here.

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