Roger Ebert Home Announces Assistant Editor, Weekly Critic, and Social Media Manager

In 2013, my late husband Roger and I launched as a stand-alone site separate from our previous partner since 2002, the Chicago Sun-Times. As you know, Roger passed away April 4, 2013, and I made the decision to continue the movie review site in his name. Since Roger's name is synonymous with quality film criticism, I have endeavored to continue to nurture the site, and it is said it has grown and expanded to be one of the most essential critical institutions in the world. 

 At a time when we see more communications, both digital and print, going out of business, we have decided to experiment in various ways. Soon you will see a renovated site design to make it even more user friendly. Today, I want to announce expanded positions for three of our regular writers. So please help me welcome Clint Worthington as an Assistant Editor, Peyton Robinson as a Weekly Critic, and Marya E. Gates as a Social Media Manager.

We are honored to have their talents on our team. Please find their bios below along with a link to read their work. And continue to drop in daily at to see what else is in store. Thank you. Chaz Ebert


Clint Worthington is a Chicago-based film/TV critic and podcaster. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Spool, as well as a Senior Staff Writer for Consequence. He is also a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association and Critics Choice Association. You can also find his byline at Vulture, The Companion, FOX Digital, and elsewhere. Read more here.


Peyton Robinson is a freelance film writer based in Chicago, IL. Her interest in film began in fourth grade when her older brother showed her "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and kickstarted a fascination with horror. Since then, her taste has expanded, and her favorite films are not only the scary ones, but any genre-bending personal narratives that examine identity, relationships, and the human condition. Read more here.


Marya E. Gates is a freelance film writer based in Chicago. She studied Comparative Literature at U.C. Berkeley, and also has an overpriced and underused MFA in Film Production. Her first book Cinema Her Way: Visionary Female Directors In Their Own Words is set for publication in 2025. Other bylines include IndieWire, Emmy Mag, The Playlist, and Vulture. Read more here

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