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Perfect Strangers

The film’s premise is simple yet made suspenseful with a 21st Century twist.

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A Dog's Way Home

A good dog movie with its heart in the right place, just like any nameless canine regardless of its breed.

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Ballad of Narayama

"The Ballad of Narayama" is a Japanese film of great beauty and elegant artifice, telling a story of startling cruelty. What a space it opens…

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A Dog's Way Home
- Tomris Laffly
Homepage upside 2019
The Upside
- Christy Lemire
Homepage touch not 2019
Touch Me Not
- Sheila O'Malley
Homepage buffalo boys 2019
Buffalo Boys
- Simon Abrams
Homepage ashes snow 2019
Ashes in the Snow
- Glenn Kenny
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Sgt. Will Gardner
- Nell Minow
Homepage aspern papers 2019
The Aspern Papers
- Glenn Kenny
Homepage rockaway
- Nick Allen
Homepage replicas image 2019
- Brian Tallerico
Homepage escape room 2019
Escape Room
- Simon Abrams
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Rust Creek
- Brian Tallerico
Homepage communion 2019  1
- Sheila O'Malley


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Balder and Dash

Born This Way: Why 1954’s A Star Is Born Is Still The Best

An essay about the five screen versions of "A Star Is Born," and why George Cukor's 1954 masterpiece still reigns supreme.

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Thumbnails 1/14/19

Emma González's confidence; Cost of erasing cyber-reality; Barry Jenkins on "Beale Street"; Becoming parents; Oakton College's pop-up film festival.

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Lukas Dhont on Girl, the Film's Controversial Casting, What Representation Means to Him and More

An interview with Lukas Dhont, director/co-writer of "Girl."

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The Shield Finally Gets a Full Season Blu-ray Release

A brief tribute to the brilliance of Shawn Ryan's The Shield now that it's available on Blu-ray.

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Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall on College, the Episode that Made The Sopranos

An excerpt from the new book The Sopranos Sessions, about HBO's legendary TV series.

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Balder and Dash

Rock and Roll Me: On Andrea Riseborough's Spellbinding 2018 Performances

A tribute to Andrea Riseborough's stunning 2018.

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Home Entertainment Consumer Guide: January 10, 2018

The latest on Blu-ray and streaming services, including 24 Frames, Mid90s, and White Boy Rick.

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True Detective Returns to Style of First Season for Third Outing

A review of the third season of True Detective, starring Mahershala Ali.

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NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine is Headed in a Terrific Direction in Season Six

A review of the first two episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's sixth season after moving to NBC.

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Festivals & Awards

The 2019 Iranian Film Festival

A preview of the 1st Iranian Film Festival, running this weekend in New York.

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Balder and Dash

Short FIlms in Focus: Lost & Found

An interview with the directors of Lost & Found, and a presentation of the stop-motion short film.

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Festivals & Awards

The State of the 2019 Oscar Race After the Golden Globes

The latest frontrunners for the major category nominations of the Academy Awards.